Egg-shaped digesters

As a leading supplier of egg-shaped digesters, RSB customers profit from the advantages of our high-quality formwork systems, such as large concreting sections for greater economy and construction quality.

No through-wall ties are required, thanks to our special formwork system for the funnel/bottom cone, the double-curved shell, and the top cone. An integrated work scaffolding ensures safe access to the inside and outside of the structure at all times. 

  • free of through-wall ties
  • high dimension accuracy
  • cylindrical formwork: climbing without crane
  • perfect surface quality
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • integrated safety and work scaffolding
  • 360° rotatable assembly ladder
  • low concrete drop height
  • excellent concrete compactabilit

Egg-shaped digester projects

Egg-shaped digester DürenEgg-shaped digester HigashinadaEgg-shaped digester HigashinadaEgg-shaped digester KasselEgg-shaped digester ShijiazhuangEgg-shaped digester PerthEgg-shaped digester DresdenEgg-shaped digester Dresden
Egg-shaped digester Düren
Egg-shaped digester Higashinada
Egg-shaped digester Higashinada
Egg-shaped digester Kassel
Egg-shaped digester Shijiazhuang
Egg-shaped digester Perth
Egg-shaped digester Dresden
Egg-shaped digester Dresden