Round tanks up to Ø 25 meters

Our cylindrical formwork for diameters up to 25 meters requires no through-wall ties and provides high dimensional accuracy, roundness, surface quality and easy handling. By using the circumferential and vertically movable work scaffolding from RSB, the formwork will be lifted into its position without a crane. Moreover, reinforcement and concretion can be dine from the platform. Cylindrical formwork will also be used for caissons, silos and shafts.

  • free of through-wall ties
  • formwork facing: steel, wood, or water-absorbing liner can be attached
  • crane-independent climbing
  • integrated safety and work scaffolding

Round tank porojects < 25 meters

Round tanks AngelbeckRound tanks BöbingenRound tanks EggRound tanks FrankfurtRound tanks HasslauRound tanks MesenRound tanks Frankfurt
Round tanks Angelbeck
Round tanks Böbingen
Round tanks Egg
Round tanks Frankfurt
Round tanks Hasslau
Round tanks Mesen
Round tanks Frankfurt