RSB Formwork Technology

RSB has been a leading supplier of anchor-free, self-supporting formwork systems for axisymmetrical reinforced concrete structures since 1978. Our specialists design, optimise, and fabricate formwork in-house for use in digesters, silos, water towers, shafts, funnels, displacement cones, tunnels, and offshore foundations - as well as structures tailored to individual customer requirements. Inspired by our motto "FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION" we develop the best possible formwork solutions and support our customers during the entire construction process, from the design phase to realisation.



The specialist in anchor-free formwork systems


Using our anchor-free, self-supporting formwork conserves resources and ensures superior results for your project. The RSB working platform allows the cylindrical formwork to climb without using a crane. Another advantage: Reinforcement and concreting work can be done from the platform.


Added value working with RSB


International customers in the construction industry value our skills as a complete solution provider. Our advise is not limited to formwork technology, and extends to project and personnel planning, design, and assembly. Based on RSB's over 40 years history, employees are ready to contribute their expertise and experience to construction logistics, technical implementation, project managemenet, and coordination during every job. We synchronise the delivery of formwork materials to the site. RSB construction schedule ensures on-time completion, keeping costs low.


Innovation based on research and development


The company is constantly investing in R & D, with new technologies and methods for reinforced concrete construction being developed and tested in-house. Our certified quality management system ensures ongoing improvement of company performance in the areas of system process and product quality.


  • full-service provider for project and personnel planning, development, fabrication and assembly of formwork system
  • comprehensive consulting and service portfolio for customers worldwide
  • certified quality standard for system, process and product quality (ISO)
  • best formwork solution to meet your requirements
  • free of through-wall ties, offering an optimum dimensional accuracy and smooth surfaces
  • working platform allows the anchor-free formwork to climb without using a crane
  • optimization of construction times through construction schedule, on-site construction superintendent and project manager
  • integrated working and safety platform
  • market innovator: constant investments in research and development